Below are a selection of frequently asked questions but if there's anything else you'd like to know then get in touch!

How can I donate towards (or otherwise support) the project?
You can purchase the FitNotes Supporter app on Google Play if you would like to help support development. This will also unlock some additional exercise types (see Create a New Exercise for more information).
You can also help out by rating FitNotes on Google Play if you're enjoying the app.
Is FitNotes available for iOS?
FitNotes is only available for Android devices and there aren't any plans to develop an iOS/iPhone version at the moment unfortunately. Sorry about that!
How do I request a new feature?
There are a number of exciting new features and improvements planned for FitNotes in the future but these typically aren't announced too far in advance in order to avoid any disappointment if they have to be pulled for some reason.
If there's anything that you'd particularly like to see then get in touch with details. It's not possible to include every request unfortunately but everything does get considered and can help shape the upcoming versions in one way or another.