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Version 24

  • INFO Version Name Update (1.24 → 24)

    The 1. prefix has been dropped from the version name to simplify versioning of new updates going forward and to better reflect the number of iterations FitNotes has been through since its inception more than a decade ago!

  • NEW SUPPORTER Exercise - Weight Unit Selection

    As an addition to the advanced exercise configuration offered by purchasing the FitNotes Supporter app, it is now possible to specify the weight unit (kg/lbs) for each exercise individually. This may be helpful if your gym contains a combination of metric (kg) and imperial (lbs) weights, dumbbells, or machines and avoids having to manually convert to your preferred unit in each workout.


    You are also able to edit the weight unit of existing exercises. When doing so you will be provided with the following options:

    • Convert existing values. E.g. 100.0 kg will be converted to 220.46 lbs.

    • Just change unit. E.g. 100.0kg will be converted to 100.0 lbs.

  • NEW Exercise List - Favourite Exercises

    Mark an exercise as a favourite to highlight it in the exercise list and access it quickly from the new Favorites category. This can serve as a simpler alternative to creating a workout routine if you plan to use a small selection of exercises frequently but aren't following a rigid training programme.


    The Favourites category is only shown if at least 1 exercise has been marked as a favourite.

  • NEW Workout Timer - Auto Stop

    The workout timer can now be configured to stop automatically once all sets in the current workout have been marked as complete.


    The Mark Sets Complete option must be enabled in the Settings menu to make use of this new auto stop configuration.

  • NEW Progress Graphs - Custom Date

    The existing progress graph date options offer a quick way to view progress over various fixed time periods (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc). In addition to these options it is now possible to input a custom start and end date should you need to review a specific period or training cycle.

  • NEW Analysis - Yearly Progress Graphs

    View and compare the total number of workouts, total volume, total sets, and more, for each year that you have used FitNotes. You can also use the filter options above the graph to drill into the statistics for a specific category or exercise.

  • NEW Home Screen - Set Limit

    By default, the home screen will display the first 5 sets for each exercise in a workout. It is now possible to configure the maximum number of sets to display (1 → 10) and specify whether the first or last sets should be shown. Selecting last sets can be useful if you prefer to see working sets instead of warmups.

  • NEW Home Screen - Exercise Category

    It is now possible to display the category (muscle group) that each exercise belongs to when viewing a workout on the home screen. You can choose to show the category name and optionally also the category colour.

  • NEW Home Screen - Skip Empty Dates

    The home screen can now be configured to ignore dates which do not contain workouts when swiping left and right or using the and buttons. This can save a lot of unnecessary swiping when looking back through your workout history.


    If you need to jump to a date which doesn't currently contain a workout (e.g. to retroactively record a workout) then you can do so using the calendar.

  • NEW Home Screen - Confirm Exit

    If you often find yourself inadvertently exiting the app by tapping the back button one-too-many times, or accidentaly triggering gesture navigation when attempting to swipe between dates, then you can now configure a confirmation prompt to be displayed to ensure the exit was intentional.

  • NEW Home Screen - Selection Mode

    Press-and-hold an exercise on the home screen to initiate selection mode. Exercises will be collapsed - hiding the sets and showing only the exercise name - allowing you to quickly review, re-order, replace, superset, or delete exercises in the current workout.

  • IMPROVED Manual Backup and Restore

    FitNotes now leverages Android's improved permission model for file access and no longer requires READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions for creating/restoring backup files or generating CSV exports. As a consequence of this change, when saving a file to the local device you are now able to select the folder to save to and amend the default generated file name.