Version 1.21

  • NEW Personal Records - Filter By Date

    When viewing your Personal Records for a strength exercise it is now possible to apply a date filter and view your best lifts within the specified time period. You can choose from one of Workout, Week, Month, Year, All, or Custom and use these options to compare your recent performance against your all-time bests.

  • NEW Personal Records - Estimated 1RM Calculation

    The 1RM calculation has been improved and will now produce more accurate results for high-rep sets - specifically sets with 10 or more reps. This was necessary as the previous calculation would increasingly exaggerate the estimated 1RM as the number of reps increased leading to unrealistic values. This change may have a noticeable impact on 1RM progress graphs, stats, and goals, but should result in much more consistent and meaningful analysis of workouts going forward.

  • NEW Exercise List - Last Used Date and Workout Count

    It is now possible to view the time that has passed since you last used an exercise along with the total number of workouts the exercise has appeared in. This can help identify exercises that may have been neglected for a while and also locate those which you perform most frequently. Tap the new overflow menu above the main exercise list to enable these options.

  • NEW Exercise List - Search Highlighting

    When searching for an exercise the search terms you have entered will now be highlighted where they appear within matching exercise names. This should make it easier to differentiate between similar names and help find the exercise that you're looking for.

  • NEW Goals - Start and End Dates

    It is now possible to specify optional start and end dates for a goal if you would like to limit which workouts contribute towards the goal's progress. For example you could create a 'Max Weight' goal for your current training cycle or perhaps only include workouts recorded after an injury in order to monitor your recovery.

  • NEW Goals - Progress Details

    You can now tap a goal to view the set from which the goal's current progress value is taken. This can be particularly useful for 'Estimated 1RM' and 'Max Volume' goals as you can now see how the value was calculated. You can also drill into the full workout if you would like to review the rest of your training from that date.

  • NEW Goals - Reorder List

    Previously, the goals belonging to an exercise were listed in the order in which they were created. It is now possible to reorder this list which can be used to group together goals of a similar type, or perhaps move shorter-term goals to the top for better visibility.

  • NEW Goals - New Goal Types

    A small selection of new goal types have been included. This includes 'Max Volume', 'Max Workout Volume', and 'Max Workout Reps' for strength exercises as well as 'Max Workout Distance' and 'Max Workout Time' for cardio exercises.

  • NEW Routines - Copy Previous Sets

    Exercises in a routine can now be configured to automatically copy sets from the most recent workout. This offers a simpler alternative to manually creating predefined sets and allows progress to be carried between different days in the routine. For example, if Squat belongs to both 'Workout A' and 'Workout B' in your routine then the most recent sets will be copied each time Squat is selected (regardless of which of the workouts the sets belong to).

  • NEW Routines - Add From Workout

    It is now possible to add exercises to a routine from one of your existing workouts instead of having to create the whole routine from scratch. When editing a routine, tap the overflow menu next to a day in the routine and select 'Add From Workout'.

  • NEW Routines - Move Exercise

    It is now possible to move an exercise to a different day in a routine while keeping any predefined sets you have created intact. When editing a routine, tap an exercise and then select 'Move Day'.

  • NEW Routines - Alphabetical Order

    Previously, routines were listed in the order in which they were created. They are now displayed alphabetically which should make it easier to find the one you want when switching between them.

  • NEW Supersets - Renamed 'Group' to 'Superset'

    The term 'Group' was intended to be a catch-all for supersets, tri-sets, and circuits. However, this wasn't very clear so they are now named 'Supersets' to avoid any further confusion.

  • NEW Supersets - Copy Superset

    It is now possible to copy a superset from an existing workout instead of creating it from scratch each time. Open the navigation panel on the training screen, tap 'Add To Superset', and then hit 'Copy' to view a list of your most recent supersets and copy one to the current workout.

  • NEW Supersets - 'Jump Between Exercises' Option

    When creating or editing a superset it is now possible to configure whether FitNotes should automatically jump to the next exercise each time a new set is created. Previously, this option could only be toggled for all supersets at the same time.

  • NEW Supersets - 'Disable Timer Auto-Start' Option

    It is also now possible to configure whether the Rest Timer's 'Auto Start' option should be ignored until one full round of the superset has been completed. This was previously the default behaviour but might not be needed in all cases.

  • NEW Workouts - Replace Exercise

    It is now possible to replace an exercise in your workout and transfer some or all of the sets you have already created to the replacement exercise. This can be useful if the equipment you need is busy or you just decide to mix things up. Open the navigation panel on the training screen, tap the new overflow menu next to an exercise, and select 'Replace Exercise'.

  • NEW Workouts - Delete Exercise

    You are now able to quickly remove an exercise from your workout without having to delete each set individually. Open the navigation panel on the training screen, tap the overflow menu next to an exercise, and select 'Delete Exercise'.

  • NEW Exercises - New Exercise statistics

    New exercise statistics have been added to allow for more in-depth analysis of training progress in some areas. These new statistics include 'Max Set Volume', 'Max Workout Volume' (previously named 'Max Volume') and 'Max Workout Reps' for strength exercises and 'Max Workout Distance' and 'Max Workout Time' for cardio exercises.

  • NEW Exercise History - New Workout Statistics

    When you tap a workout date in an exercise's 'History' tab then the list of statistics displayed is now consistent with the main exercise statistics mentioned above. Previously the values were limited to 'Total Volume' and 'Total Reps' but will now include 'Total Sets', 'Max Estimated 1RM', 'Max Volume', etc.

  • NEW Settings - Delete Workout History

    It is now possible to delete some or all of your workout history while keeping the rest of your FitNotes data (such as custom exercises, routines, goals, etc) intact. This might be useful when returning after a long layoff/injury, or if you would just like to start fresh with a particular exercise. This option is available from the Settings menu.

  • IMPROVED Progress Graphs - Date Labels

    Progress graph date labels will now display the year if it differs from the current year. This should make it easier to review your progress when viewing historical data.

  • IMPROVED Category List - Options

    It is now easier to toggle the sort order of categories (muscle groups) as well as show/hide category colours by tapping the new overflow menu above the list. Previously you had to press-and-hold a category for the menu to become visible.

  • IMPROVED Exercises - Graph Names

    Exercise progress graphs have been renamed and reordered to make them more consistent with the statistics and goals available. For example, 'Total Reps' has been renamed to 'Workout Reps'.

  • IMPROVED Workouts - Exercise Search

    Previously, it wasn't possible to search for an exercise from the navigation panel's 'Add Exercise' option if you had created any routines.

  • IMPROVED Settings - App Permissions

    If you install FitNotes onto a new device then you'll notice that you won't need to grant access to the file system unless you want to use the backup/restore functionality.

  • FIXED Routines - Predefined Set Bugs

    Resolved an issue where predefined sets could occasionally be unintentionally deleted from a routine. Also fixed a separate issue where predefined sets containing distance values would be displayed with 'kg' instead of the selected distance unit.

  • FIXED Rest Timer - Sound Issues

    Resolved an issue where the timer sound (beep) would stop working after it had played a certain number of times in a workout. Additionally, the timer sound will now use the device's 'media' volume instead of the 'alarm' volume - this should solve the issue where the sound would play through headphones and the device speakers at the same time on some phones.