This glossary contains definitions and explanations of training-related terms which are used throughout these help pages.


Your 1RM (One Rep Maximum) is the maximum amount of weight that you can lift for a single rep of a given exercise.

Tracking the progress of your 1RM can be a useful indicator of how your strength is increasing over time.

Estimated 1RM

It is not generally convenient or optimal to frequently test your actual 1RM due to the physical exertion it requires but fortunately there exist methods of calculating an approximation of one's 1RM based on the weight and reps used in a given set.

FitNotes uses one such method, the Brzycki Formula (named after its creator Matt Brzycki), to estimate your 1RM based on the sets you perform. Please note that this formula should prove reasonably accurate for max-effort sets of 2-10 reps but can become increasingly inaccurate as the number of reps increases and so should be used as a guide only.