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Version 25

  • NEW Dark Theme

    Just 11 short years after the initial release of FitNotes, a dark theme has finally arrived! Enable it now from the Settings menu.

  • NEW Android Automatic Backup

    FitNotes now supports Android's default automatic backup solution: Backup by Google One. If you have backups enabled in your device settings, your FitNotes data will be securely and periodically backed up to your Google account allowing you to seamlessly restore your data when switching to a new device in the future.


    You can continue to transfer data between devices manually using the Backup and Restore options in the Settings menu.

    FitNotes' custom automatic backup solution (available at Settings > Automatic Backup) was introduced at a time when Android's default backup solution was not available. As this custom solution is no longer necessary, and has been the source of many issues since it's introduction, it may be removed in a future update to allow technical efforts to be focused elsewhere.